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Hey there, I'm Morgana... ever so sweet (butter wouldn't melt), TransSexual girl.

I am 5' 8" tall (without heels), I weigh about 65kg, a blue eyed brunette, with a yummy slim and slender size 10 figure. I have silky smooth skin, long legs, and I have sexy small budding pubescent boobs, just like a pre-teen girl, so they are just a small handful at the moment. Puberty sucks! So if you wanna play with a 'little girls' boobs (and who wouldn't!) ... lol... my ass is kinda hot, and ready for you to...well you know lol

Yeth! I do have a penis, it's 'cut' a good size and I do cum (although sometimes it can take a while). For men it is for sucking and masturbation only.
There is one thing that I won't do. I will not penetrate men anally, not with anything, not my fingers, not my cock, not my tongue, and not even my dildo. I'm strictly a "bottom girl".

I'm bi, so with girls, well that's different.

I love to be touched...and molested by dirty minded old men. I love men who like taboo and who like to play with little girls!! Must have something to do with my childhood lol
If you are that kind of man I may like to meet you ;)

*** If I see men on their own I will only see those that are mature, like 45+ and European (Caucasian), VERY dirty minded, and who actually have something to offer that I want. I LIKE bad taboo stuff!

Having said that I don't care if you are over weight, bald or how big your cock is. I am very much attracted to mature looking men, that is men that are much older than me.

If you are able to offer me what I want then I am submissive, and I will do as you ask. You can use me as you please...even if you have something 'taboo' and really kinky on your mind. Tell me what it is and maybe I can accommodate.

You can spank me, eat out my hole, finger me, and then fuck me in my mouth and in my hot tight ass until you cum, then you can fuck my mouth again. I love it from behind, and with me on my back and my legs spread wide for you, Fuck me from behind doggy style. Yum!

Role-play is something that I love to do, like; Daddy/Daughter, Teacher/Student etc, Taboo (I have an open mind, and a dirty one at that! If you have desires of this kind you can message me about it. Just about anything is possible with me). age play, little seduction, incest, playing sexy games...

I would very much like to meet a mature couple who may be into the same kind of things that I am. I'm into a lot of very naughty things.

My place is available to play but nights only. I'll also meet in parks and cars late at night. Dogging with couples is fun lol

I am a transgender seeking a female, a male
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